Drones are changing points of view

You will appreciate the enhanced imagery and data that drones provide. 

Site surveys, events, building and construction works, property management, property marketing for estate agents, holiday property marketing, marine and agricultural surveys, media footage (television, film, web), crop inspection and surveys. High quality video/stills and accurate data acquisition combine to transform businesses from all sectors. We are happy to discuss the possibilities for with you.

When your event, business or property needs an aerial survey, drone video footage or photography from the air, we look forward to talking to you about your project!

VFR Studios is insured and has CAA permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO)


Property and Holiday Marketing

Staffield hall

Using our Professional DJI drone with, you will get professional images and video. For your media project we can supply 4K UHD footage. This focus on quality also works for your property for sale, your hotel, golf course, holiday location or other business. Allowing your customers to see aerial views of your location is a very powerful selling and marketing tool. 

Site, Roof and Building Inspections

Agricultural Drone Survey

Where scaffolding, ladders, lifting equipment and working at height permits would normally be required, inspections can be carried out by drone, enhancing safety and saving money and time for your business. 3D imaging can be created to allow you to virtually move around the subject and inspect it as if you were there. Thermal imaging can show heat-loss from buildings and because all data is captured visually, footage can be used and re-used for different requirements.

Survey and Mapping

Drones survey large areas quickly and safely using automated ground station software. Thus you will get accurate geotagged information at lower cost than traditional methods. Thermal imaging can be used to show hidden information for a variety of surveys including renewables, building energy efficiency, agriculture, marine. For quarries, agriculture, buildings/facilities management, drones imagery and data acquitistion is fast becoming a must-have.


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VFR Studios is insured and has CAA permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). 

Our footage is HD, 4K (UHD) Video and high resolution (20MP) still images and we provide editing services or just raw output.