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Could aerial visuals increase bookings for your holiday home?

Many of us are now choosing and booking holidays for 2018/2019 and visuals are the most important factor for many people when booking any type of holiday accommodation. As the UK tourist season was beginning to wind down last autumn, a post on Airbnb Community reported that hosts in Europe in the previous year “on average saw an increase between 15 to 20% in the number of bookings due to aerial footage, with some properties seeing an increase up to 32%.

It seems some owners of UK holiday properties might well be missing valuable bookings if current visuals aren’t up to the high standards expected in the global travel and tourism market.  Though services such as Google Earth do allow website users to see the area around a property, the quality of the satellite images is not adequate to pick out details or to give an accurate representation of what a single property is truly like. Drone images can allow online and brochure customers to fully appreciate a location in relation to nearby features such as coastline, waterways or forests.  Drones can also be used to showcase the extent of private grounds or gardens and specific features e.g. swimming pools, play areas or patio seating.

Not only does a view from the air offer a greater visual experience for customers researching holiday accommodation, but better quality images also suggest a better quality company.  Investing in high resolution aerial views may provide the tempting factor for undecided tourists to choose one destination over another; it can give a holiday company the edge over companies with more static listings or those using low grade photographs.

With the reasonable costs of drone photography today, this type of imagery is within reach for single property owners as well as larger businesses. Drone images can provide another layer to the marketing of, for example, camping areas, pod and caravan sites, holiday parks, B&Bs, farmstays, and cottages to name a few.  Improved visuals and a greater range of views allows prospective customers to see the full external beauty of an individual property and its surrounds or the expanse of an accommodation complex.

It is important to note that using drones for financial gain, including to increase bookings at holiday homes, requires a commercial license. VFR Studios pilots are fully licensed and insured for this purpose. We take high quality film and still images from a height of up to 400 feet and can provide services such as editing and preparing images for print, saving you the need to work with multiple companies.

Whether you are in Berkshire, the Home Counties, the South West or beyond, please contact us for more information.

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