Survey & Inspection

Industry and Agriculture is realising the benefits of
aerial survey and inspection services by drone.


drone survey


VFR Studios carries out surveys and inspections for a number of industries and locations where a permit to work at height would normally be required. Complex or hazardous environments such as industrial sites can be inspected from the air, and inaccessible terrain can be covered quickly and efficiently saving valuable time on the ground.

Reduce Cost

  • You will have lower costs as scaffold hire is not required or reduced
  • Save money through avoiding site closure (as in many ground based inspections)
  • Inspections and surveys can be carried out on a one-off basis or as part of your regular inspection strategy, allowing you to compare data from different time periods.
  • Survey data can be requested on demand so there is no long term financial commitment

Save Time

  • Capture comprehensive data in one visit reducing the necessity for repeat visits
  • Hard-to-access terrain can be covered quickly and efficiently
  • Inventories can be carried out from the air quickly allowing you to take stock
  • You don’t need to worry about legalities and permissions, as we make all the arrangements for you.

Reduce Risk

  • Drones can enter areas too risky to send your personnel into such as areas prone to landslip,  high dust, or high noise zones.
  • 3D imaging can be produced for you allowing you to move around the site visually and inspect without entering danger area
  • Our pilots are fully trained to Advanced level and fully insured for commercial work.  We have CAA permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) and we are DroneSafe registered.

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Data Accuracy

  • We deliver precise virtual reality models and digital terrain models.
  • Our drones generate HD, 4K (UHD) video and high resolution digital images
  • Thermal imaging can be used to show precise information for a variety of surveys including energy efficiency or insulation efficiency.
  • We provide high accuracy using GCPs alongside UAVs

You will be assigned a professional drone pilot ...
... to work with you to inspect and survey a range of sites including:

  • Industrial areas
  • Quarries and open mines
  • Construction sites
  • Stock piles and storage yards
  • Inaccessible or hazardous terrain
  • Rooftops and chimneys
  • Renewable energy sites such as wind and solar farms


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