Golf Courses

Market your course from the Air!

Golf Course Marketing


Impress visitors to your website with course fly-overs!

Only aerial images can convey the scale of your course successfully and help potential visitors to appreciate its location in terms of the wider landscape and natural beauty.

Showcase Your Course

  • Go way beyond fuzzy satellite images
  • Show the scale, features and facilities of your golf course including holes, obstacles, facilities
  • Highlight the natural beauty of the area
  • Use seasonal aerial film or photographs to help promote tournaments, special offers and membership deals
  • Increase the time visitors spend on your website
  • Include your films on social media to increase interest locally, nationally and globally
  • Attract audiences of all ages with an enhanced online presence

Attract new members

  • Single-take fly throughs, hole by hole
  • 3D Virtual Tours of your course, facilities and surrounds from up to 400ft
  • 360 degree panoramic shots
  • A complete round of the course to tempt your visitors to play it for real.
  • Golfers browse your site for longer and book more tee-times

A Quality Experience

  • Our films are shot in high quality HD or 4K communicating quality to your website visitors
  • Our photographs are high resolution, high quality digital stills.
  • Golfers appreciate high quality and will be attracted to your course

Complete Service

  • You don’t need to worry about the legalities and permissions of drone use - we can make all necessary arrangements.
  • Post production services such as film and photo editing
  • Our pilots are not only skilled in flying drones but are experienced photographers, and golfers too.
  • You get digital files in a size and format relevant to your marketing needs.

“Video is becoming much more prevalent online and
having aerial film is
becoming a necessity for golf clubs”

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