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Drones are a cost effective and efficient way of carrying providing aerial visual information for your property or business.  Examples of use include: land surveys, archaeological surveys, recording building works stages, property management, property marketing for domestic and commercial estate agents (homes, land, businesses, yards), marine surveys, sea wall management, media footage (television, film, web), search/rescue (locate missing persons, animals, delivery of medicines to difficult to reach places), farming (crop inspection and surveying to increase yield), harbour management.

More and more businesses are using drones and VFR Studios can help you keep up to date with the growing demand for high quality aerial images.

VFR Studios has CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). This means that pilots working for VFR Studios have passed CAA approved theory and flight tests. In addition VFR Studios has had its procedures, operations/flight manuals and insurances checked and approved by the CAA. Our CAA ID is 5618.

Yes - we are fully insured. Our insurance covers us worldwide except USA and Canada. It covers commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (e.g. drones) and any damage to people or property.

If your work is commercial you need to be qualified by a CAA approved training organisation. Even if you are working on your own land you still need to ensure that your liability or employee insurances cover aerial photography and that you comply with the Drone Code as regards working distances and height limits. If you intend to use the footage or images commercially e.g. for marketing or advertising, if you aim to sell a DVD of the footage, or upload to social media commercially, you may receive advertising revenue or work, and your organisation will need therefore need to have PfCO from the CAA.

With VFR Studios you can avoid having to gain PfCO approval and specialist insurance resulting in a simpler and more cost effective process

Depending on the scenario VFR Studios can fly manually and capture the images or footage you require, or we can operate to pre-planned area maps and waypoints that the drone will follow, creating a complete survey of the area.

Large surveys will split into multiple areas and will require battery changes during the survey. All images can be combined in post-edit into a single survey.

All requirements will be discussed prior to any survey

No, you can be assured that our pilots are experienced photographers and understand light, exposure, shutter speeds, frame rates etc. This is very important as it enables us to obtain quality images and footage for your project.

Generally any dry, not too windy day will be fine but you may have requirements for brighter weather which may mean waiting for the best day for you.  Rain, fog and frost will result in poor quality footage.  Cold weather may mean shorter flight times due to battery characteristics but generally anything except extreme cold, rain or strong wind will allow us to fly.  For aerial land surveys cloudier weather is often preferred.

Hiring a drone service is far less costly than other means of aerial photography e.g. helicopter, and provides a cost effective alternative for gaining high quality shots from the air.  Each job is unique and estimates will depend on how long the job will take, how much travel is involved, whether any post-production or editing is required, and whether permissions need to be organised by us, e.g Local Authority, landowners, CAA etc.

For a simple survey on local land owned by the client with no additional permissions and supplying raw footage only, costs would start at around £300.  A short, basic marketing video of a single local property, raw footage and unedited stills would start at around £120.00. A large job taking several days with UHD/4k footage and editing services would cost more.

For an estimate or quotation contact VFR Studios with details about your project or idea.

We will supply your images using whichever method is best for you. We can provide you with a USB stick or SD card or for smaller projects we can use online file sharing services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, for example.

We hope these answers help

If you would like to know more please contact the VFR Studios team.