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International Drone Day 2018

The popularity of the drone is increasing, and events that engage people with drone usage are on the rise too, including the 4th International Drone Day which takes place this year on May 6th.  The first drone day in 2015 was a huge success with over 40,000 people in 150 countries taking part with the aim of showcasing the drone’s positive uses.  Having a day in the global calendar dedicated to the drone is an indicator of the wide interest that exists, not only for business but as a social activity, and a suggestion that their popularity will continue to grow year on year.

Past International Drone Day events have included drone sporting events – an ‘Olympics’ with drones, track races and events at airports, bringing together communities from different fields of interest.  This year is sure to bring an even greater range of events and the map below indicates where these are taking place.

It is becoming well known in the business environment that the drone has a vast range of positive uses from land surveys to eye-catching marketing videos, and VFR Studios own pilots can advise you on how drone footage can help you.



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