Drone usage in private property protection or real estate inspection

The sky’s the limit for marketing prestige properties

Viewing drone images of properties for sale is an expectation of today’s buyers, especially those looking at purchasing a rural home, a larger property, or a house with outbuildings, for example. Ground-level photographs do still have a place in the property portfolio, but the buyer experience is vastly improved when images from above are also provided.  Aerial views offer a more dynamic experience as well as illustrating features that would be overlooked with traditional exterior photography.

It isn’t just the sale of existing properties that can benefit; drone footage can be useful in selling buildings that are still in planning. Prospective buyers can see an overview of a desirable location, or can be shown exactly what the view would be from their newly built bedroom window, helping to give a fuller picture of the desirability of residences not yet constructed.

The benefits of drone marketing for selling property cannot be underestimated. In the U.S. this type of marketing has been favoured for some time, especially for properties in desirable locations such as waterside homes. Drone footage also helps to market larger grounds and those with additional features such as ponds and landscaping, woodlands or terraces.

Until recently, the only way to obtain such enticing shots was through grainy online satellite sources like Google Earth, or images taken from a hired plane or helicopter making the whole process extremely expensive. The arrival of the drone has opened up marketing options for property sellers here in the UK too, and buyers increasingly expect this level of service, especially for prestige properties. With the costs of professional aerial film and photography now within reach, the sky really is the limit for marketing those stunning UK homes online.

However, agents are reminded to exercise caution when commissioning drone imagery for their property portfolios. Drone pilots must be properly insured, trained, and licensed to fly for commercial purposes. It is helpful and timesaving too if pilots are experienced photographers with an eye for a good shot. Here at VFR Studios, as well as being skilled photographers, you can be assured that we are CAA approved for Commercial Operations (a legal requirement for this work). We are also fully insured taking the worry out of obtaining those all-important aerial shots for your business.

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